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After suffering a brutal trauma, Julia Shames falls prey to an unorthodox form of therapy to restore herself. The film follows Julia as she awakens to her own true and holy violent nature, ultimately setting off to exact revenge on her attackers, the one thing her therapist forbade.  

- Directed by: Matthew A. Brown

- Produced by: TY Walker [Tycor International Film Company]

- Executive Produced by: Alex Twersky [Kinetic Arts] + Reyad Farraj [Farraj Factory]

BaDoink Magazine: Interview w/ movie producer, TY Walker

Now in possession of his own production company, Tycor International Film Company Inc, Ty has slowly but surely made his mark on the industry he really loves. The next 12 months promise a wealth of surprises and acclaim. Horror-thriller Julia is a new direction for Ty, while 2015’s planned release of Carter High, a high school football drama based on true events, will see the fruits of his labor from working alongside actors of the calibre of Charles S. Dutton and Vivica Fox.

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